Design Portfolio

Seats and Swing Seats

Swings, subtle and elegant lending an atmosphere of quiet somnolence within a garden, creating a feeling of freedom and introspection. Made wider these can be made into a day bed for that moment of midday relaxation. Then covered with the appropriate topper padding to tie the inside décor to the outside. Curve the seat and attach it to beams within a pergola or structure and it becomes a swing seat. This allows a platform or bed for which the gentle rocking or swinging motion unwinds the tensions of any stressful day ….a relaxing retreat.


Decks create the perfect platform for outdoor entertaining. Varying the board width, stain colour, size, placement and construction method, decks can easily cross over into many design styles. Decks are barefoot friendly and are great for bean bags and lounging. Built in seating, raised gardens, pergolas and inset lighting combine so well with decks to create character and atmosphere.


Decked boardwalks are also a wonderful way to connect spaces. They create a sense of adventure from one area or platform to another. Used on purpose in Zen Gardens the zig zagged board walk is used to slow us down at every turn, so we stop… turn… then contemplate.
They can be painted, whitewashed or stained.


Pergolas add a three dimensional feel to the area they are going in. They also connect the house to the outside giving a balance and helping the proportion of house and garden ( especially if the house is a two storied home ) They can be stained or painted. Dressed or Rough sawn….They just bring into the landscape depth … without them the area in question would appear empty and flat.


Cabanas have an exotic presence about them, they make a perfect accompaniment for a sub tropical garden. Creating that south pacific vibe. In these photos the roof of this Cabana is a synthetic thatch that has a likeness of a palm like foliage (Panapa) that is used in the Islands. Its benefits of longevity out weigh that of the natural products lasting more than 15 years, and it is also 98% waterproof. It is the perfect covering for our New Zealand summers, as its is made from polyolefin not PVC and because it breaths. The temperatures under this thatch roof are typically 10 to 15 % more cooler than normal.

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplaces

The popularity of outdoor kitchens in recent years have increased hugely. New Zealanders are choosing to add Al Fresco dining areas to many new builds. We are the envy of many due to our climatic conditions enjoying all year round dinning. Landscape designers and builders have risen to the challenge creating all weather living spaces that are more than a match for their indoor counterparts. Now with a good range of quality appliances and furnishings for open air eating, integrating an extra outdoor room is so much more than achievable.


Landscape designer specialises in Stone and Wooden Steps. We are especially skilled with building these in a sleep slope situation. Often using Macrocaper in these areas. Steps that provide access can be tricky to build, but our designers can create a solution for even the trickiest access making them a feature rather than just building basic wooden steps.

Zen Water Features

Add a still, reflective pool of water to your garden and experience the tranquil, calm environment that it brings. Using materials such as bamboo and stone in these water features will connect with an oriental design style creating a serene garden. We are specialists in the custom design and build of water features, creating beautiful, unique pieces of art.

Water Features

Water speaks of life, and can be used in so many different ways, contributing a ‘magical’ element to any style garden. From loud gushing natural rock waterfalls, at home in a native ‘grotto garden’ to classy ‘sheer descent’ waterfalls sitting in contemporary gardens, we can design and construct an original water feature for you. Lighting adds another wonderful dimension to your water feature and garden. Enjoy.

All sorts garden

There are many different sweets to entice children to a lolly shop and landscaping is no different! We have put together an ‘ All Sorts’ category to tantalise your taste buds for something a little different…

Pools Planting Design

We specialise in pool planting, creating a flow and a naturalness where the water and the plants work together as one. Clever planting connects the garden together, like a puzzle where everything has its rightful place.

Rock Work

Our medium sized business caters for all varieties of rock work. From steps to retaining, to crazy paths and water-features, our experience in achieving these results comes from creative practical design. Its something you can’t capture on paper, rather, it’s an art form in itself.

Night Lights

During the course of our career we have been fortunate to have win awards for our lighting displays.’ Nights Lights’ gives you a glimpse of extraordinary lighting skills using vibrant colour combinations and lighting positioning that would challenge any landscape come alive at night.