Design Styles

Resort Style

Everyone appreciates time out, a holiday with Palms and lush foliage, large colorful bromeliad’s and an interesting under-planting. But there’s nothing better to experience the charm of the tropics and ‘resort’ to your own back yard for it. We can even create a lagoon pool and complete the scene.

Spanish Courtyard

Colors within a courtyard leave you with an impression. Blue and green hues create a Spanish feel, yellows and terracotta colors give the same courtyard a Mediterranean feel. We have incorporated rustic posts from a wharf and the style of planting also changes the mood of this courtyard Garden. Furniture and the appropriate accessories set the rest of the theme…. Enter Spanish Colonial.

Tropical meets Zen

Imagine a mix of plants completely different in all respects that are put together and work amazingly well. A new trend…. Tropical and Zen…..we call it Resort to Zen. Tropical planting using Zen elements. Palms such as Bamboo Cane palms and Weeping Maples blend together in harmony. And Zen aspects of balance and proportion work when using flag stone and pebbles. A modern approach to an ancient craft.


Think Hot and spicy, outside the square using a bold and contrasting colours. Oranges and shocking pinks, aqua and red hues. The old prickly just got a new makeover. The Mexican courtyard is a new modern rustic feel. If you are looking for a different kind of ‘feel good’ and aren’t afraid to make a statement, then chose ‘Art Mecco’.


n our Mediterranean garden designs, we try and harness the warmth and vibrance of the Med. Incorporating a number of features like rustic pergolas with lush juicy grapes drooping from the vines above, easily in reach as the family sits in its shade, dining al fresco. Making wonderful homemade pizzas from the outdoor pizza oven, with flavours enriched by the wood smoke. Fresh bread made from the pizza oven, dripped with home made fig jam, made fresh from the fig trees in the garden. Rich colours used in the paint work to lure you out, as you get lost in the love and laughter of the Mediterranean way of life.

Balinese Style

With our balinese garden designs, the importance is centred around the energy of the garden, a place to retreat to for stillness and tranquility. It can include day beds for rest and relaxation, a place to escape and read a book, water features to help create flow and centeredness, statues and sculptures bringing hand crafted curves and lines into the garden, and soft planting likes bamboo and palms that dance gracefully in the breeze.

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Tropical Style

Our tropical designs are all about brining the resort into your garden. As you step out of the house into the garden, it is like stepping into a tropical oasis, an island holiday in your own back yard. It can incorporate timber boardwalks through lush tropical planting, hammocks stretched out between palm trees, swimming pools lined with large leafed exotics, thatched gazebos to shelter from the sun as you relax on the lounger sipping a tropical cocktail.

Formal Subtropical

It may not be everyone who sees the merits of merging two different planting choices and styles together…Buxus hedges and shapes combined with Cycads and Sub-tropical’s and some Perenials like Irises thrown in for good measure.. Formal Subtropical or Fophical as we call it, suits the formality that some spaces demand ( Like around pools edges and entrances ) but with the softening of graceful Palms and foliage. Colourful groupings of bromeliads add a punchy addition.

Formal Style

Our formal designs bring a crispness into the garden, working with straight lines and repetition, bringing order and control into the garden, creating a calming effect to a world which sometimes feels chaotic and out of control. It can include clipped balls and cast iron arches with white roses climbing orderly through the framework, pathways lined with clipped hedges, cast iron furniture, and uniformed fences, all giving off a sense of regalness and conformity.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary garden design is all about creating clean lines that complement the house. Its about connecting the interior with the exterior, so the outdoor space is a continuation of the indoor space. It can include sculptures, water features, and other unique additions to reflect your personal taste, but ultimately it is about a fuss free garden, working towards simplicity and low maintenance.

Edible Design

An edible garden can work with any of the above design styles. Its about incorporating plants that can be eaten or used medicinally in your garden design without comprising the design aesthetics. In a mediterranean style it is easy to incorporate, citrus, olives, figs, grapes and herbs. In a tropical garden, bananas, papayas, pineapples, and more, while in a formal garden, clipped hedges of feijoas, chilean guavas, and citrus and bay standards. Timber raised beds for the veges and herbs. There are many possibilities, and having a garden that not only looks good but tastes good too. is definitely a great way to go.

Zen Design

An edible Japanese influenced garden artfully combining serenity and sustainability. Our design captures the calming influence of a Japanese garden with an approach that is both modern and functional. Shaped Pine Nut and Mandarin ‘Miyagawa Wase’ reiterate the traditional form of bonsai. Stands of Sugar Cane resemble bamboo, other edibles in the garden are Lemongrass, Myoga ginger, Cranberry hedges and the “Immortality herb” or Jiaogulan. This herb is reputed to have powerful antioxidant and adatogenic effects purported to increase longevity hence the common name. Swathes of Pachysandra terminalis and black mondo form the garden carpet along with the edible “Brahmi herb” used for memory power. Clipped Buxus sempervirens balls and weeping Maples create focal points along with a Japanese styled beehive adding a sustainability aspect to the design. A timber boardwalk zigzags its way to a curved timber daybed beneath a pergola; a destination offering an exotic relaxing experience…..”every now and zen”.