Summer Sanctuary

The slope that once was a force of nature is now developed and has given clients Geoff and Rose lots of different options to entertain their friends on all levels.

Renovate Magazine Issue 13

The owner of this modern three-storey home, set within the steep slopes of Titirangi, is now spoilt for choice. Due to the creative landscaping works of Matt McIsaac, Jules Moore and their team from Landscape Designer Ltd, owner Jacqui now has a garden she can be proud of

Habitat Plus - Garden Sanctuary

Creating a place of either quiet sanctuary or a place for entertaining is as important in a garden as it is inside your house. The block walls used to enclose this courtyard step down in three tiers to contain the raised garden beds, with a decking bench built into one side for casual seating. The clean, square lines of the walls are a serene complement to the exuberant subtropical planting, and provide the perfect canvas to introduce color into the garden.

Wondorous Jules Fit For Queens

A unique pop-up garden bar reminiscent of one of the Seven Wonders of the World has arrived at the steel and concrete landscape of Auckland’s Queens Wharf. Crafted by award-winning landscape designer Jules Moore, with the help of her associate Matt McIsaac (pictured), and made possible by the vision of Stoneleigh Wines, the suspended garden is Stoneleigh’s Wonder of Nature. Accompanied by an original soundscape from the Stoneleigh’s Marlborough vineyards composed by acoustic musician Paul McLaney, the garden is a multi-sensory experience where visitors can taste the fruits of the vine, hear the sounds of nature, as well as see the fruits of Jules and Matt’s labour.

A Walk To Remember

When Mike and Genevieve Broadbent decided to renovate their backyard in Herne Bay, they did so to make a statement. Their beautiful house would be well at home with a traditional classic look. But Mike opted instead for a resort style landscape. As a result, walking into their garden is an experience not easily forgotten.

2014 Auckland Home Show

Controlling appliances and systems remotely features as hot attraction at Home Show. Landscape designer Monica Bainbridge puts the finishing touches to her garden design for the show. Photo / Chris Loufte

South East Asian Inspired Gardens

A 1970s bungalow set on an elevated, hard-to-develop, sloping site in Titirangi is transformed from a higgledy-piggledy overgrown garden, into a tranquil South East Asian inspired garden-room sanctuary. Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed about a landscape project, to the point where years later you’re still wondering where to begin? When homeowners Jono and Neil reached this point they knew they needed expert advice. After purchasing an idyllic 1970s bungalow nestled in the hills of Titirangi on sloping site, it became increasingly important to them to have some leveled surfaces for entertaining purposes. As both have busy lifestyles, they wanted to create an outdoor area that they could come home to and relax; a haven of sorts, a space where they could feel like they were still on holiday. Gardens they’d seen in Vietnam, Bali and Thailand formed a theme for the design and to get the project underway they called in landscape designer Jules Moore of Planet earth Landscape.

Downtown Shopping Centre

In June 2013, Landscape Designer Ltd was commissioned to create a Dessert Island that would house 10 candidates during the coldest part of the year. The winner won a holiday to Hawaii.

Escape From Reality

In the past 10 years since John and Jenny Dunn have lived there, they have battled with the luring effect of their coastal outlook, only to be driven back inside once the wind picked up.John says, “Our home, being on the waterfront, would often get so windy that it would drive us indoors. We loved the holiday feel and climate that Whangaparaoa has to offer.

Make It Count

Matt’s clever design for this very small space involved two long board walks, painted black, crossing over on an angle that wouldn’t normally work. This created a level change that works as a step. The boardwalks used in this design not only bring a sense of balance, but it’s a great solution that holistically works within this Zen inspired entrance. There’s a nice vibe about this little garden, and for a small space there is a lot going on within it too.

A welcoming Retreat

A Japanese styled contemplation area and subtropical styled garden were the inspiration for Tony Ingrams surprise for his wife Robyn’s 50th birthday party last year. Wanting the very best for the big day, Tony decided to completely renovate the back of their property in Glendowie. They had lived there for a number of years, and having renovated the inside, were a little stumped as to what to do with the outside. The outside was no small task either. There were a number of issues. The outside was totally run down and in dire need of a makeover. Plantings of random overgrown and ugly vegetation from ten years ago lingered, while the retaining wall,screens and many of the fences were shaded in black-aged mould and well past their use-by-date.

Garden Inspiration At The Northshore Home & Garden Show

Contrary to what our parents told us, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Gardens have become an extension of our indoor living space and gorgeous outdoor areas offer respite from the busy world beyond. The North Shore Home & Garden Show is bursting with must-have products for both inside and out, but has some especially stunning and innovative garden gems in store for show-goers.