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Boric’s Food Market, an amazing new area. An incredible experience and out the back? An adventure for the children!
The market was designed by Peter Knobbs (Landscape Designer Ltd) and installed by Boric key staff member Mark and the team at Landscape Designer Ltd.

Tropical Meets Zen

Imagine a mix of plants completely different in all respects that are put together and work amazingly well. A new trend, Tropical and Zen. We call it Resort to Zen. Tropical planting using Zen elements. Palms such as Bamboo Cane palms and Weeping Maples blend together in harmony. And Zen aspects of balance and proportion work when using flag stone and pebbles. A modern approach to an ancient craft.

Subtropical Oasis

This design required a lot of thought and planning as the site was long and rectangular with a generous outcrop of volcanic rock to one side. The rock outcrop was so dominating it was converted into a water feature. Zig zagged decks break up the length of the site. Pergolas create a three dimensional feel bringing the two storied house down optically in height. Ironically more rock was added to the slope creating rockeries and pockets in which rare plants were positioned, completing the lush oasis.

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Cozy Corner

Small spaces are our speciality. Its important that even though space may be confined, the garden is still functional. In this courtyard we have a covered area which invites indoor outdoor flow, a place to go to in all weathers. Note that the BBQ is separate and there is a generous space for the table and chairs. Within this design there have been several rooms created suiting both genders. The guys can BBQ and the girls can talk amongst themselves in the ‘corporate box’ with a glass of wine. Lush subtropical planting completes the picture enhancing the hard landscaping.

The Stables

In this horse stable make over you have a planting that repeats itself along the building creating formality. The result: amazing! We have used Buxus as an edging and clipped Buxus shapes as feature ‘anchors’ with an infill of shrubs that give fragrance, colour, texture and are frost hardy. Lavender flag irises flower over the summer creating interest. Cold hardy rhododendron ‘John Ball’ are stunning flowering shrubs. Standard mandarins also add interest and the edible element is always a winner.

Urban Resort

Providing extra space for entertaining was important to our clients in this design. Before, their table and chairs we only just fitting within the terracotta tiles. We chipped the terracotta tiles off exposing the concrete base and excavated an additional area beside the tiles. After laying another slab along side this we called in Surface Solutions. The area was then reinstated with a skim of concrete and patterned into 600×600 cream pavers. This economical technique looked amazing and saved the clients money. The spacious area of light coloured paving softened by layers of subtropical palms and plants has created a very stylish and elegant garden.

Naval Base

Garden Design.