Planet earth’s award winning designer Jules Moore has taken away awards for many of her garden designs that have featured at national garden shows including the famous Ellerslie International Flower show, this has lead to her garden designs appearing in many magazines and newspapers. Jules Moore’s talents have also been employed for television makeover shows.

You are able to view some of her work and read the entertaining informative articles by clicking on the links below.

Jules Moore on ‘The Get Growing Roadshow’

Jules from Landscape Designer appears on an episode of Choice TV’s ‘The Get Growing Roadshow’.

Summer Sanctuary

The slope that once was a force of nature is now developed and has given clients Geoff and Rose lots of different options to entertain their friends on all levels…READ MORE


A walk to remember

When Mike and Genevieve Broadbent decided to renovate their backyard in Herne Bay, they did so to make a statement. Their beautiful house would be well at home with a traditional classic look. But Mike opted instead for a resort style landscape. As a result, walking into their garden is an experience not easily forgotten…READ MORE


Escape from reality

In the past 10 years since John and Jenny Dunn have lived there, they have battled with the luring effect of their coastal outlook, only to be driven back inside once the wind picked up.

John says, “Our home, being on the waterfront, would often get so windy that it would drive us indoors. We loved the holiday feel and climate that Whangaparaoa has to offer… READ MORE


Renovate Magazine Issue 13

The owner of this modern three-storey home, set within the steep slopes of Titirangi, is now spoilt for choice.
Due to the creative landscaping works of Matt McIsaac, Jules Moore and their team from Landscape Designer Ltd, owner Jacqui now has a garden she can be proud of….READ MORE


2014 Auckland Home Show

Controlling appliances and systems remotely features as hot attraction at Home Show.
Landscape designer Monica Bainbridge puts the finishing touches to her garden design for the show. Photo / Chris Loufte


Make it count

Matt’s clever design for this very small space involved two long board walks, painted black, crossing over on an angle that wouldn’t normally work. This created a level change that works as a step. The boardwalks used in this design not only bring a sense of balance, but it’s a great solution that holistically works within this Zen inspired entrance. There’s a nice vibe about this little garden, and for a small space there is a lot going on within it too.


Habitat plus – garden sanctuary

Creating a place of either quiet sanctuary or a place for entertaining is as important in a garden as it is inside your house. The block walls used to enclose this courtyard step down in three tiers to contain the raised garden beds, with a decking bench built into one side for casual seating. The clean, square lines of the walls are a serene complement to the exuberant subtropical planting, and provide the perfect canvas to introduce colour into the garden.



South East Asian inspired gardens

A 1970s bungalow set on an elevated, hard-to-develop, sloping site in Titirangi is transformed from a higgledy-piggledy overgrown garden, into a tranquil South East Asian inspired garden-room sanctuary.

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed about a landscape project, to the point where years later you’re still wondering where to begin? When homeowners Jono and Neil reached this point they knew they needed expert advice. After purchasing an idyllic 1970s bungalow nestled in the hills of Titirangi on sloping site, it became increasingly important to them to have some leveled surfaces for entertaining purposes. As both have busy lifestyles, they wanted to create an outdoor area that they could come home to and relax; a haven of sorts, a space where they could feel like they were still on holiday. Gardens they’d seen in Vietnam, Bali and Thailand formed a theme for the design and to get the project underway they called in landscape designer Jules Moore of Planet earth Landscapes….READ MORE ABOUT THE EVENT



A Welcoming Retreat

A Japanese styled contemplation area and subtropical styled garden were the inspiration for Tony Ingrams surprise for his wife Robyn’s 50th birthday party last year.

Wanting the very best for the big day, Tony decided to completely renovate the back of their property in Glendowie. They had lived there for a number of years, and having renovated the inside, were a little stumped as to what to do with the outside. The outside was no small task either. There were a number of
issues. The outside was totally run down and in dire need of a makeover.

Plantings of random overgrown and ugly vegetation from ten years ago lingered, while the retaining wall,screens and many of the fences were shaded in black-aged mould and well past their use-by-date. …READ MORE ABOUT THE EVENT

Wondrous Jules fit for Queens

A unique pop-up garden bar reminiscent of one of the Seven Wonders of the World has arrived at the steel and concrete landscape of Auckland’s Queens Wharf.

Crafted by award-winning landscape designer Jules Moore, with the help of her associate Matt McIsaac (pictured), and made possible by the vision of Stoneleigh Wines, the suspended garden is Stoneleigh’s Wonder of Nature.

Accompanied by an original soundscape from the Stoneleigh’s Marlborough vineyards composed by acoustic musician Paul McLaney, the garden is a multi-sensory experience where visitors can taste the fruits of the vine, hear the sounds of nature, as well as see the fruits of Jules and Matt’s labour. …READ MORE ABOUT THE EVENT

Downtown Shopping Centre

In June 2013, Landscape Designer Ltd was commissioned to create a Dessert Island that would house 10 candidates during the coldest part of the year.

The winner won a holiday to Hawaii. …READ MORE


Garden Inspiration at North Shore Home & Garden Show

Contrary to what our parents told us, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts. Gardens have become an extension of our indoor living space and gorgeous outdoor areas offer respite from the busy world beyond. The North Shore Home & Garden Show is bursting with must-have products for both inside and out, but has some especially stunning and innovative garden gems in store for show-goers. …READ MORE ABOUT THE EVENT

Photos From the North Shore Home Show


Stoneleigh Wonder of Nature

Experience a Wonder of Nature with Stoneleigh. Take a moment from your busy life to immerse yourself in the suspended gardens of Stoneleigh’s Wonder of Nature, a multi-sensory experience inspired by New Zealand’s unsurpassed wonders of nature. …READ MORE ABOUT THE EVENT



Fruitful take on saving money

Kath Irvine laughs at the idea of getting her 5+ a day.

The permaculture designer has been feeding her family copious amounts of fruit and vegetables for the last 16 years.

With a one acre block in Ohau, just south of Levin, she’s just about self-sufficient for fresh produce.

And it’s been so long since she did a regular grocery shop that she has no idea how much money she might be saving. READ MORE


The edible garden

Have you ever wondered what an edible garden could look like integrated into a formal setting?

Forget the old image of raised vege boxes carelessly scattered in the back yard or randomly placed fruit trees taking up a huge percentage of your outdoor space. Imagine an elegant contemporary planted space that included layers of planting, using standard trees for structure and clipped hedges beneath. Imagine coloured foliage adding interest when there are no flowers, and the added bonus of promised bounty. Imagine a design that is a great use of space, looks good and functions wellREAD MORE

ARTICLE BY: Jules Moore

Two Courtyards, Two Ways

Created as a display garden for a home show by landscape designer Jules Moore, this stunning Japanese-inspired garden is tranquil and romantic, with a pampering outdoor bathroom, a come-hither slatted day bed and serene planting.

And it’s all offset by rich Resene Aubergine walls, trimmed with Resene Burgundy and held up with robust posts and beams in Resene Foundry… READ MORE

Habitat Of The Week

Steeped in Eastern serenity

With its grouping of three pagoda-like pavilions surrounded by subtropical plants, the Dare House is also known as “Balirangi” among friends of Jono Sagar and Neil Sparksman.

It’s a name that Jono enjoys because it captures the spirit of what he and Neil have tried to create with a complete makeover of the garden and a renovation of a home designed by architect Simon Carnachan in the 1970s…. READ MORE

NZ Herald

Steeped in Eastern serenity

The Secret Garden

The tree-covered Waitakere Ranges in Auckland are the perfect setting for a serene garden.

There’s a certain mystique to the Auckland suburb of Titirangi. Its tree-clad slopes, shady dells, native birdlife and magical peeps of the Manukau Harbour make it feel far from the city. But those very elements make it tricky for establishing a garden with its short sunlight hours, poor soil and sticky clay…. READ MORE

Habitat 18

Magical Oasis

Located in albany, this outdoor space exhibits all the qualities of a relaxed, subtropical haven, with just the right mix of hard and soft landscaping. Gary Bjerring of wild exposure was responsible for the overall design and hard landscaping, while Jules Moore and her team from Planet earth were responsible for the layout of the subtropical planting….READ MORE

New Zealand Backyard & Garden Ideas

Berry Healthy, Garden NZ

Much has been written in recent times about the maqui berry, frequently described as a super food because of its exceptionally high level of anti-oxidants said to combat many …..READ MORE


Verve Magazine – December 2011

Edible gardens are easy and fun to grow, and Jules Moore is happy to ease you into the latest gardening trend. An expert at utilising even the smallest of gardens, she is in demand as a designer and …..READ MORE


Glen Eden Guardian Newspaper – July 2011

There’s a gardening revolution afoot in West Auckland and Jules Moore, owner of Taupaki’s Edible Gardens nursery and landscape design, is leading the charge. It seems more and more of us …..READ MORE


Next Magazine – August 2011

Ten years ago growing fruit trees was something that only orchardists or people with large country gardens would do. Those of us with smaller city gardens might have the occassional citrus or olive …..READ MORE


Weekend Herald Newspaper – July 2011

Are we healthier than our grandparents? true our grandparents breathed in a lot more tabacco smoke, either directly or secondhand, but some of their habits were spot-on, folk were more active and …..READ MORE


Tropical Garden

Award Winning landscape gardener Julie Moore took gold at the Weekend Gardener Landscape Design Awards at North Shore Home & Garden show with “Fruit Island Fantasy”. Julie has multiple gold medals from Elerslie International Flower Show among a long list of achievements in landscape design….READ MORE

Weekend Gardener Issue #April 7 2011

Medirterranean Courtyard Winner

A Mediterranean courtyard garden, designed and built by Jules Moore, of Auckland’s Planet Earth – Edible Gardens, took best large stand honors at the inaugural New Zealand Garden Expo at Ellerslie Racecourse. The paved courtyard and garden featured a pizza oven, outdoor setting, pergola and an array or edibles including grape vine, figs, olives, medicinals and herbs….READ MORE

Weekend Gardener Issue #313 April 21, 2011

Sense of Sanctuary

Nestled in the southern side of the Waitakere Hills a five-minute drive from Titirangi, a forgotten 1970s-designed property was in desperate need of a makeover. Titirangi is well known for it’s high levels of rain-fall, short-lived sunlight, poor soils and sticky clay. The area has sloping grounds and its own unique rainforest features, many mature native trees and birds…READ MORE

New Zealand Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Subtropical Oasis

Theres usually a solution for every problematic site.With this One Tree Hill location, the team and I had our work more than cut out for us as we had some unique challenges to overcome. Imagine crushing and breaking rock for nearly a year – the property developer who finally sold this piece of real estate to Graeme and Jan Eade lost a lot of time and profit taking out a seemingly endless supply of solid wall-to-wall rock….READ MORE

New Zealand Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Tropical Hideaway

Tropical Holidays become a thing of the past when Julie Stephens brought back her very own hand-carved buddha statue all the way from Bali. Now looking out into her secluded garden, she feels happy just be at home and not so tempted to holiday elsewhere….READ MORE

New Zealand Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

Hillside Harmony

A 1970s bungalow set on an elevated, hard-to-develop, sloping site in Titirangi is transformed from a higgledy-piggledy overgrown garden, into a tranquil South East Asian inspired garden-room sanctuary….READ MORE

Renovate Autumn 2012

Every Now and Zen

An edible Japanese influenced garden artfully combining serenity and sustainability….READ MORE

Online Advertising 2012

Design Workshop – Zen Garden

Ever wondered how the experts create a gorgeous garden? We show you how.
Designer Jules Moore aimed to create a sense of health and wellbeing with this meditative Japanese Zen garden ….READ MORE

Your Home and Garden June 2012

Chocolate Fountain – Waikato Valley

Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory has come to downtown Auckland for one day only.

A life-sized chocolate waterfall and stream, surrounded by native bush and scorched almond pebbles …VIEW VIDEO July 2012

A Little Love Is Needed Every Now and Zen

Although a garden can be productive, providing food for the larder, it can also be the perfect place to unwind and relax, ideally with that significant other.

Letting love shine in, multi award-winning landscape designer and Garden-NZ contributor, Julie (Jules) Moore, turned her vision of a romantic getaway at home… READ MORE February 2013

View Gallery

Down to Earth

From council roundabouts to contemporary courtyards, there’s nothing Jules Moore hasn’t designed, built, planted or grown in her twenty-five- year career. The vivacious landscape designer from Plantet Earth in Kumeu, west of Auckland, started young and never looked back…..READ MORE

ARTICLE BY: Lynda Hallinan


New Zealand Backyard & Garden Design Ideas Magazine

Edible garden design allows you to think outside the square and create colourful and delicious gardens. The arrival of the edible phenomenon has been gaining in popularity in recent times …..READ MORE


Swings & Roundabouts Magazine – Dec 2009

There has been an increasingly ppular movement to educate the future of our little people in the edible phenomenon by planting edible gardens in day care centres, a first in a long time …..READ MORE


Home & Garden Magazine – Spring 2009

From garden to table, or from paddock to plate take your pick, it’s exciting and just keeps getting better. So for the first time in many peoples’ lives they have got a buzz from tilling their very own plot …..READ MORE


Culinary Delights

Imagine a garden where every single plant is either edible or has an edible name.  In 2005 Jules Moore designed such a garden an invited Auckland Vegetable Growers to work with her on this project. The 10x10m garden featured a walk-through menu including starters, entrees, mains and dessert. “It’s the first time floristry, landscape display and a fruit and vegetable collage have been integrated in a display before,” says Jules . “It will appeal to all the senses, with different essences, such as rich chocolate, wafting out of the displays.”  Creative imagination saw a pig made from peantus, roasting on a spit over a hot fire of red capsicums along with a puffy pavlova formed from cauliflowers with a topping of Strawberries on top.  A huge floral arrangement also created by JulesMoore gave three dimensional impact to the centre of the stand this stood 4m high and was displayed on every angle with a water feature cascading out from it. This garden won a Gold Award and the Peoples Choice Award.

Earth Sharing Life

In 2007, Jules Moore directed a collaborative team to create a memorable and emotionally evocative garden inspired by a poem “Ere we forget”.  Nine months of planning culminated in a garden the Judges’ convenor Jan Woodhouse described as a “magical, multi-media experience with a variety of lighting effects and lovely detailing with ambience.”
The 15x20m darkened marquee was beautifully lit.  As visitors journeyed through the garden the display unfolded it’s story.  “Our take is that earth and mankind can nurture each other and provide for each other, but we all need to be conscious of our choices and how they will impact on our environment,” says Moore.On entering the visitor is taken through a coastal area with glow worm caves, past middens representing the Maori living in Aotearoa, a shipwreck representing the arrival of Europeans, a huge waterfall and even ceramic seed pods that grew up out of the ground before your eyes.  At the heart of the garden, the heart of the world was pictured in a giant revolving globe.
The garden won “People’s Choice Award” and the “Supreme Award for National Lighting”.
Ellerslie International Flower Show, Gold Winning EntriesPoem that inspired EARTH SHARING LIFE:Ere we forget
All is owed to the Earth
Rising Raising
Thus it goes , growing giving
Having all holding, hiding secretsSome we may never see
Hold deep from our eyes
All of her abundance to be
Revealed partly but kept
In hidden seeds
Needed later perhaps by
GodLook Look
It is here